Classical cut of a synthetic stone is the most prominent feature of the series of rings called “Solitaire”. A simple, and almost strict form of these rings is fully subjected to a playful way of stone setting.

The rings are made of solid brass, polished and plated with ruthenium, rendering them a dark gray colour.


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The “S-Tech” set of rings is based on the idea of joining two materials, which can’t be soldered. In this case they are silver and titanium. To join them I used a seam which connects this kind of jewelllery-making technique with the world of fashion in an interesting way. This exclusively textile technique renders a filigree detail to the jewellery.


The shape of vase “Vertigo” represents a ribbon tying a bouquet of flowers. Quite challenging silversmith techniques bashing, smuggling and soldering gave birth randomly arranged composition. Silver belt, from which is vase made of,  is the join and soldered along all lenght. Vase is therefore closed and it is possible to pour water without leaking. Silver is in a quality of sterling.


A set of cups and a tea pot. This set is inspired by the basic form of a bowl. The teapot retains the form of a tea bowl as much as possible and the form is disrupted only where absolutely necessary to allow its use as a teapot.


The basic material used in this jewellery collection is charcoal. The theme of these pieces is Nature and Time. This collection consists of rings, a pendant and a bracelet. The rings resemble shapes of mushrooms caps. The pendant is a cross, with its shape determined by the charcoal base. At the beginning there was a charcoal board with a cross shape hollowed deep in it. The mould was filled with pieces of silver, subsequently melted. This process has changed a shape of the charcoal board and gave shape to a silver pendant.

The bracelet takes on the shape of a never-ending strip.