Shape…is the fundamental characteristics of an object within space. Without it, it cannot be revealed, it cannot be seen. People defined shape with the use of geometry. They formed the basic shapes out of which all the other shapes emerged. And precisely these elementary shapes inspired me most, while I was working on this collection. Their simple visual form. Clear intelligibility. In connection with the traditional craft, their simplicity is merely apparent. Perfect accuracy can’t be achieved by handwork, but good craft can create an impression of precise work. The creator’s eye is constantly controlling all the imprecisions and tries to balance them out into an illusion of accuracy. Working on such shapes is often much more demanding than creating ornamental motifs.

In the “Shape” collection I also work with the illusion of space. Some shapes strike as objects being half way between two- and three-dimensional.


The jewellery from the “Arabic” collection was inspired by the fascinating beauty of geometric patterns from the Arabic cultures. Their diversity and endless variability is a great inspirational source, and at the same time, the decorativeness of the patterns offers a great possibility of use in jewellery designing. The structure of the jewels from the “Arabic” collection uses overlapping geometric shapes to create an illusion of space, which even changes its appearance with a different angle of the view.

A traditional handicraft practice is used throughout the whole collection and it strives for the highest quality of processing.

Wedding rings

The possibiliities of the shapes and artistic solutions of wedding rings are limited to a narrow stripe of metal, which is accompanyning a human throughout his or her whole lifetime. It should be able to resist discomfort and accidents. It should be able to remain what it was on wedding day, in spite of what life cuts in it, indelibly. Even this small space offers an infinite number of solutions. It is not a question of originality, but rather some hidden uniqueness, which won’t fade away and lasts forever, like love.

Tear Out

The concept of this ring uses the act of tearing as part of the design. The breaking point of the material resembles a small crystalline shape, representing a stone on the top of the ring, after the circle has been torn off its base.


The paper ring is made out of glassine, used in stamp albums to protect mail stamp collections. The piercing technique suggests the shape of a ring and evokes the stamps’ sheet at the same time.

Envelop Bijoux

Looking for a beautiful piece of jewellery or an original present

Envelope Bijoux is a unique gift, which could be sent by post in an envelope as a greeting card.

This jewel is concealed within a small aluminium plate in which it is delicately cut. It is necessary to release it out of the plate gently and by subsequent bending of the parts create the earrings.

The joy of the metamorphosis of a flat plate into an eventually beautiful piece of jewellery is left in your hands.