sterling silver, oxidized silver, enamel, gold, 2014

Shape…is the fundamental characteristics of an object within space. Without it, it cannot be revealed, it cannot be seen. People defined shape with the use of geometry. They formed the basic shapes out of which all the other shapes emerged. And precisely these elementary shapes inspired me most, while I was working on this collection. Their simple visual form. Clear intelligibility. In connection with the traditional craft, their simplicity is merely apparent. Perfect accuracy can’t be achieved by handwork, but good craft can create an impression of precise work. The creator’s eye is constantly controlling all the imprecisions and tries to balance them out into an illusion of accuracy. Working on such shapes is often much more demanding than creating ornamental motifs.

In the “Shape” collection I also work with the illusion of space. Some shapes strike as objects being half way between two- and three-dimensional.